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Meet Mahnaz Tayarani, BSDH, RDHAP

Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice


Mahnaz Tayarani received her Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene (BSDH) from University of the Pacific (UOP) in 2008. Subsequently, she completed the advance dental hygiene in alternative practice coursework offered by the UOP Center for Special Care.

Bringing dental hygiene services to clients in their homes is the focus of her business. She strives to provide optimal dental hygiene care that will help make a profound difference in maintaining her patients’ oral health.

 Each individual she serves will receive gentle, professional oral hygiene care while being treated as family.

“Mahnaz has the ability to provide excellent dental hygienist services to handicapped and memory challenged individuals in a caring, healthy, and professional way. Her patience, attention to cleanliness/hygiene and willingness to do her best under challenging circumstances makes her an asset to the dental Hygenist profession.”


“Mahnaz is wonderful. My father is non-ambulatory and Mahnaz comes to clean and treat his teeth every three months. She is very good with dad, and he loves her! I don’t know what I’d do without Mahnaz!”


“Mahnaz has a quiet demeanor about her that calms her clients. Mahnaz makes clients feel relaxed and confident during their time together. Mahnaz is also great at communicating with caregivers on what procedures were done, what needs to happen next, etc. I recommend Mahnaz Tayarani for all your in-home hygienist needs.” 


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You’re In Good Hands

Professional oral health care will help enable patients to:

  • Maintain a healthy appetite.
  • Prevent gum disease linked to diabetes.
  • Reduce the bacteria linked to heart attack/stroke.
  • Minimize oral bacteria linked to Alzheimer’s
  • Reduce risk of aspiration linked to respiratory diseases.
  • Avoid gum disease.
  • Reduce the effects of dry mouth.